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Garret Adams

Memento was the hardest movie for me to follow of all the movies weve watched so far in the course. Saying that it was also my favorite of the movies weve watched so far. Crazy story line with interesting characters.

Linnea Dawson

I liked Memento, although I do agree that it was a bit difficult to follow. It is the kind of film that warrants a few rewatches just to unpack everything that goes with it. I will add though that since yesterday it has bothered me that he can't remember what happened to him after his wife's attack but he can remember that he has no short-term memory.They never explain that(unless I missed that detail). But that's only a small detail and the film was still enjoyable.

Kevin Smith

This was my favorite film that we have watched thus far. I personally love movies that challenge the audience in some way, and this movie has the most challenging narrative structure that I've seen before. I personally loved it.


This was an interesting movie to watch. It was hard to follow the film since it kept jumping around. I think I will get more of the film the second time around.

Gabriel Yanez

I've seen the film a few times, while it is still enjoyable to watch in its non-linear order, I wish to see a cut of it in linear order. Though this might ruin the plot of the film and the sense of style that the director wanted to create.

Jessica Brown

I enjoyed that the movie was edited to fit with Lenny's perception. He sees in pieces, just like the broken scenes which the audience gets since they proceed backward.

Blake T Bauer

I liked the film as well. I would say the first half is a bit hard to follow but after a bit, it's easier to see the pattern, that they just keep rewinding a couple minutes. Despite making the movie more difficult to follow, I liked this design because it, as Jessica mentioned, shows us only piece by piece which is how Lenny perceive the world, only a couple minutes at a time.

Elida Cabrera

I really enjoyed this film. The story line was what kept me watching the entire time. I think that once when we watch it a second time I will noticed more things that I missed this time.

Josh Riddell

Just like most of the posts above I to enjoyed Memento. I found the story line a bit confusing but a well thought out with many twists and turns. One of the reason's I enjoyed this movie was because I had somewhat of a background about the movie as my wife and some family members have seen it, so I was able to sort of quiz them on some aspects of the movie.

Ryan Giles

I really enjoyed the film. I like the direction that it went, starting the movie that takes place at the end and the ending of the movie takes place at the beginning. It’s one of those movies that you have to watch twice in order to enjoy it.

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